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Yehudit First

Social Oriented Focusing

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​Nice to meet you, I'm Yehudit First.

I am a qualified Body Psychotherapist, EABP member, Group facilitator, Focusing Coordinator, specializing in Somatic Experiencing. I teach basic Focusing and Focusing qualification courses, as well as unique courses integrating focusing with deep-tissue-bodywork, and Social Oriented Focusing.

Focusing brings many gifts to my life and to the lives of my clients and students. 

I experience my work as a calling that excites me time and again, and believe wholeheartedly in what I do and teach.

Over the years, I came to notice that the Focusing space is limited: It places an intrapersonal focus, leaving interpersonal interaction aside. Could we have both at the same time? Is it possible to be with myself as well as with the other during the same Focusing process?

These questions led me to develop what I call Social Oriented Focusing, an organic, authentic way to be whole in all our parts while interacting with ourselves as well as with others (for more on Social Oriented Focusing,

see here).

As a Body Psychotherapist integrating emotional work and bodywork, I have also created a course that combines Focusing with bodywork.  This integration facilitates healing, promoting vitality in arrested processes and during physical pains that carry within them emotional personal pains.

I believe that within every human being there is an inner personal essence that knows the path to a better life. It is a life of love,

growth and fulfillment.


 a path that is accessible once and again via the body-mind-sprit integration.

"Your body knows

the direction

of healing and life.

If you take time

to listen to it

through focusing,

it will give you the steps

in the right direction"


I teach and guide workshops in Israel, and in various locations around the world.
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