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Social Oriented Focusing

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SOF Foundation Level - 1

• Conditions for felt conversation


• Being sensitive to me & to you

• From shades of 'aloneness' to shades of 'togetherness'


• From "I" to "we" without losing our boundaries


• When my will meets your will


• On both sides of the request

• "Yes", "no" and all that's between them

• All about giving and receiving

and more...


SOF Level - 2

The inner child in the social space

• Dependence and independence within

us and between us

• Belonging on the timeline of life

• Three sides of a compliment and criticism

• From jealousy to inspiration

• Expectation in relationships

• From the heart of conflict to the heart of relationship

• SOF in times of uncertainty

And more…

SOFT Level - 3 & 4

Social Oriented Focusing Training

In these two 8-session courses, we integrate SOF tools with the 8-stages of Erikson’s Theory of Psychosocial Development to explore, open and heal painful conflicts that accompany us in life.


The 8 conflicts are:

Trust vs. Mistrust

Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt

Initiative vs. Guilt

Industry vs. Inferiority

Identity vs. Confusion

Intimacy vs. Isolation

Generativity vs. Stagnation

Integrity vs. Despair


SOFT is a 2-course program that trains participants to bring SOF into their personal and professional relationships and lives through experiential exploration and personal projects.

Benefits of SOF

• Provides tools to deal with life’s situations real-time

• Heals unfinished social issues in our lives

• Teaches us how to be in interaction in relationship – completely with ourselves and completely with the other simultaneously

• Invites us to use conflict for personal and mutual growth

• Gives us the freedom to be our authentic selves in our closest relationships and in the world

• Enables us to learn that our vulnerability is part of our uniqueness and power

Courses and Workshops
available in Israel, on zoom,
and in various locations around the world.
Is it possible to be intimate with myself and at the same time with another in a Focusing process?

Over the years, I came to notice that the Focusing space is limited: It places an intrapersonal focus, leaving interpersonal interaction aside. Could we have both at the same time? Is it possible to be with myself as well as with the other during the same Focusing process?

Through personal and group experiences, I have developed what I call Social Oriented Focusing.  It is an organic, authentic way to be whole in all our parts while interacting with ourselves as well as with others. We seek to identify the felt sense created within the mutual interaction occurring in the here and now, enabling a transformative process to take place within the mutual space.

In Social Oriented Focusing we focus on the mutual interpersonal space, developing our sense of social interaction that fosters:

  • The freedom and the space to be ourselves while interacting with others.

  • The skills needed to be fully attentive to myself as well as to the other at the same time.

  • The ability to break down barriers that limit us in social interactions and stop us from fulfilling ourselves in interpersonal interactions.

  • The ability to identify what unravels within me and within the other, and find a language of sharing, understanding and accepting within the mutual experience.


Invitation to join SOF Course Level 1 & 2

To be held on Tuesdays, 18.00-20.30 Israel time, beginning

Feb 28th, 2023 once a week

The price for each 8-session course is 580 USD (1,950 ILS) 


 Special 10% discount on Level 2 upon registration to

Level 1 and 2 together


Throughout one's life, interaction with others is an engine for growth and development.

We are born in and from interaction, and within interaction the self is defined and evolves.

In Social Oriented Focusing, we Focus on and in the shared interpersonal space and develop a sense for social interaction.


​This social sense enables and empowers many aspects of our life, giving us:

  • The space and the freedom to be who we are, to be ourselves in relations with others.

  • The ability to be attentive both to ourselves and to others at the same time, without "swallowing" them or "being swallowed".

  • To free ourselves of subconscious barriers that limit us and prevent us from fulfilling ourselves in relationships.

  • The confidence to give ourselves in to social interaction, to influence and be influenced, to see and be seen, to meet and be met, in a manner that feels right both to ourselves and to others.

  • The ability to recognize what awakens within us as well as between us and the other, to find a language that allows sharing, understanding and acceptance in the joined experience.

Thus, we form the ability to gently dance between our various personal needs and desires, within an inclusive space which allows personal and interpersonal growth during life's journey both as ourselves and as a part of a group.


Using simple tools and powerful techniques, we will learn how to free ourselves of unhealthy relationships, how to feel comfortable in social interactions, how to promote important relationships without being disappointed time and again and how to see every interpersonal encounter as an opportunity for discovery, processing and growth.

We are part of a human tapestry, in constant interaction with the environment around us, and we come to know our world from within the complex system of reciprocity among body, mind and the environment. Focusing on a group interpersonal space opens before us the opportunity to observe the ways with which we form relationships and paves the way for change. Social Oriented Focusing is done out of a connection to my felt sense, to your felt sense and to our mutual felt sense.


This course is a space that contains and enables, within which we can let go of the mechanisms that no longer serve us, and takes us forward to a place that's, more aware, more relaxed and freer. The human connection unfolds and allows transformation and change.



​Who is this course suited for?

  • People with a basic background in Focusing processes who are interested in developing new tools for interpersonal communication.

  • People who are looking for a way to form deep and meaningful relationships.

  • People who have challenges with interpersonal or group encounters.

  • Educators, trainers, group guides, parents, therapists and professionals who are interested in influencing their social environment.

Attendees share:

SOF is about relating to others while staying connected to yourself.

Through the body, we remain intimate with our present moment experience as we navigate "I" space and "We" space with others.


• It's the first modality I've experienced that isn't a practice you do alone, hoping that the benefits "follow" you into relationship. It's a modality that only exists in relationship with others. It is birthed in relational space and helps you stay "home" in yourself while you're

in the presence of others. Over time it gives you courage to be in relationship more stably anchored in yourself.


• SOF gave me skills to come out of loneliness, to transmute

past frozen feelings of social interactions, and to connect

in relationship to joy ease, and love. The course brought

me increased life energy and new possibilities.


Ortal, quoted from Facebook (Awaken the Body):

Dear Yehudit, that feeling from the Social Oriented Focusing introduction evening still lingers inside my body.
I arrived skeptical, the only thing the word "Social" conjured in my mind was the thought that all we're going to do is a group focusing session, I had no idea how powerful and influential it would be and how direct it would be in creating new coding for past catalogs.
It brought into focus that which I've known and lived with, that through work we can change our experiencing of our place in the world, our point of view and our ability to form and understand relationships anew.

Hila, quoted from Facebook (Focusing Israel):

Last spring, I took part in Yehudit First's Social Oriented Focusing workshop and once again during the summer. These meetings were very meaningful for me, and in both I got a very strong sense - of how significant the meeting and interaction with the other are for me, and how much healing we all need in this context. And it is such a safe and amazing experience to practice it with Focusers, with people who live this internal connection and are well practiced in performing the internal motion of listening to what's happening within me and why it is needed, and who know how to maintain this space with sensitivity for the other.

Elior (from Facebook):

Yet another meaningful and unique session, that touches on the vital points with precision and makes us move forward. These sessions with you, Yehudit, are extraordinary in the Focusing arena specifically and in the therapeutic space in general. I highly recommend it for anyone who wants to learn and evolve, to connect thought and feeling, body and mind, idea and action, expectation and fulfilment, and person to person.


Social Oriented Focusing helps me look into things that lie in the deepest of places, subjects that relate to my being here in this world, to my desire to gain recognition, to be loved, to be wanted, to be significant, and the prices I pay for these things that drive me.

Questions that relate to belonging, having a place in the world, harmony and disharmony, competitiveness, authenticity, pleasing, loneliness and being part of something much bigger than myself arose and became clearer during these sessions. Conflicts of feelings and actions that I need to find a balance between that is right for me at any given moment.

The epiphanies that grow from the personal processes that take place during these sessions let us bring them forth into any space, into any social interaction, where we stay or act, to see what my story is and how I would like to update it in a way that would bring me to act in a more authentic and self-connected way in the world.


I had a serious case of abandonment anxiety. Without noticing, without having even set it as a goal, I suddenly noticed that after a few sessions of Social Oriented Focusing- the anxiety just disappeared. Months have passed and the anxiety and me are no longer together…

I tried many forms of therapy, including "one on one" Focusing, and no method or framework were so meaningful as Social Oriented Focusing. Thank you so much!


Dear Yehudit, I'm writing this to thank you for the space you've created for us for Focusing and for the latest sessions of Social Oriented Focusing where we looked deeply into everything that drives us. On the "together" and on the "alone", on meeting with the familiar and with the new… on the desire to be meaningful.

Thank you for allowing and guiding us on this deep vision that comes from the dive inwards and the search for the felt sense. I feel a great privilege to have gone through all these enlightening and moving experiences with you.


One of the things I've taken from this is the ability to regain self-control in front of other people and not respond out of emotion. The ability to stop and say "this is part of me" and "this is not me". I always have the option of choosing. To stop, to choose, to fix and to not be a reactionist. Like an eternal journey that can always reach a new depth. This doesn't end here, I carry it with me.

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